Have you ever had to ask hotel housekeeping for condoms?
Would you have the guts to ask them for lube?

We have, and we do. At best, you’ll get a packet of Durex. At worst, you’ll get a packet of Durex, an awkward exchange at the door and a £15 charge on the bill (you try carrying a box of condoms up a flight of stairs)

So you know that we make love kits for hotels. You either choose one from the mini-bar when you’re raiding the wasabi nuts or call the concierge. Our products are luxurious, beautifully wrapped and usually provide a little something extra. But what if you literally just want the basics?

We’ve been having hotel amenity ideas (we dream about them, especially edible ones) We’ve designed a product and the Koibito towers are already smoking. We’d love to know what you think.
Is there a space for complementary condoms by the sink?

We’re not crazy, we know there’s a time and a place. We’re not expecting Travelodge to pick up on this one. But in the name of safe sex, liberation and general innovation, we think there’s a place in the hotel bathroom for a neat, discreet little package with our name on it.

Behold – Emergency Love. They are free, like the soaps, but way more exciting. Three natural fair-trade condoms, perhaps a little feather (we haven’t decided) and organic lubricant by our darlings at YES  enveloped in our exclusive Origami Love Game.

Check out the prototype and we’ll keep you posted x