Have you heard about the hospitality industry’s sexiest and best kept secret?

Hotels around the globe are stocking Intimacy Love Boxes in their mini-bars, offering their guests a convenient way to add some extra excitement to their stay.

Hotel Amenity

Intimacy Love Boxes are big sellers across the hotel sector, from exclusive boutique hotels, to big name chains. They are an in-room item, found at the mini-bar, and are a revolutionary and extremely profitable mini-bar and hotel room feature.

These luxurious Intimacy Love Boxes are a gift for couples who wish to enhance their time alone together. They are the perfect item for a sexy, fun and romantic evening in private. Made from quality ingredients, materials and fabrics, they offer couples a playful but stylish twist to their intimate evening.


Intimacy Love Boxes

The Koibito Intimacy Love Boxes include:

• Massage candles
• Silk blindfolds
• Soft bondage tie
• High End Sex Toy
• Luxury Condoms
• Organic Lubricant


This unique concept has become extremely successful in the international market and has proven to be one of the most profitable extra amenities sold to hotel guests.

After all, don’t we all want to have fun when we are staying in hotels? Escape the boring hum drum of the real world, and spoil ourselves? Who wouldn’t want to escape to a sanctuary of comfort and indulgence, and forget for a while all the stresses and pressures of modern life?

With a Koibito Intimacy Love Boxes, your guests can transform their hotel bedroom into a private sensual and romantic haven and allows them to have an even more enjoyable stay. There is no need to be embarrassed or prudish, after all, many of your guests will have already used these products at home and elsewhere at other hotels. There is nothing taboo about providing something sophisticated and fun for your guests to use in the privacy of their own rooms.

But the benefits of these Love Boxes are not just for hotel guests. For your business, the Love Boxes will create extra revenue. Intimacy Love Boxes may address the needs of your customers with a variety of sophisticated, sexy and fun items, but they also create a substantial extra income for your hotel business.

Koibito Love products really know how to mix business with pleasure. The concept was born out of Japan’s romantic and charming philosophy on love and the company founder’s desire to spread this to the European market. Koibito is about encouraging couples to come out of their shells and not to be afraid to explore and enjoy each other in the privacy and comfort of their hotel room.

An increasing number of prestigious hotels are stocking Koibito Love products and are enjoying the benefits. Koibito Intimacy Love Boxes can be tailored to suit each venue and if you would like to see just what the hotel industry is getting so excited about, then you can order a trade sample kit, just contact us with your details.

Stocking Koibito Intimacy Love Boxes will ensure that your guests just keep coming… and coming back to your hotel.