What is a love kit?

Koibito Love designs love kits for boutique, luxury and hip hotels. These are high quality romantic gifts at the cutting-edge of minibar amenities. Think massage oils, organic intimates, origami love games, silk blindfolds, playful knickers, maybe a sex toy, nothing too crazy (unless you ask), all wrapped up in signature Koibito packaging. A love kit is for couples wanting to enhance their alone time, made to inspire the perfect wild night in a safe and seductive environment.

This is about creating extra revenue from the most exciting hotel amenity in the world – all budgets and persuasions are accommodated. We provide a selection of high-end products for couples to enjoy from the seclusion of their hotel bedroom. The coolest thing to happen in hotels since vending machine champagne, Koibito Love kits can be sold straight from the room, minibar style, or chosen through a pre-order function when booking. Whether you’re looking for a unique turn-down gift or new feature for your romantic suite – Koibito Love will provide.

We know that your guests want to retreat from the real world into a reverie of luxury. They want to drink posh teas from thread counted sheets and pretend, just for a little while, that life really could be like this. At Koibito Love we’re concerned with this romantic, weekend-escape kind of fun. We can help to create a sensual environment in your hotel bedrooms (when it’s required), to coax couples from their shells and make their stay in your hotel memorably unique.

Our products are thoughtfully made, in England where possible, with superior ingredients and fabrics. Very chic with a playful, kinky twist – Koibito Love is coming in a bedroom near you.

The Enchanter

The Enchanter

100% Natural Rose & Geranium Candle with Essential Oils, Koibito Love Drops, Teasing Feather and Origami Love Game.