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Foreplay Shake-Up With The Massage Candle

Do you ever get that pang of fear that you’ve performed the same foreplay routine like, the last fifty times you had sex? You probably have, you’re just not paying attention. It’s not because you’re boring, it’s because you probably like what you’re doing. But there are tiny tweaks you can make to bring back the somersault feeling – something is new here and you could be anybody, just anybody right now. Read More

The Hangover Kit

Seasonal Endurance with The Hangover Kit

Yes, you need this in your life. Especially at Christmas when you’re all fat and fucked, living on shots of puff pastry and free fake champagne. It would be better if we all skipped that last bacon margarita and drank a bit of water before we went to bed, but it’s never gonna happen. We know that coffee makes your head bang harder and a smoothie just adds to that vommy sensation. This is the next best thing if you can’t sleep it off. Read More