Yes, you need this in your life. Especially at Christmas when you’re all fat and fucked, living on shots of puff pastry and free fake champagne. It would be better if we all skipped that last bacon margarita and drank a bit of water before we went to bed, but it’s never gonna happen. We know that coffee makes your head bang harder and a smoothie just adds to that vommy sensation. This is the next best thing if you can’t sleep it off.

We’ve been selling Hangover Kits through hotels for a while now – the kind of places that have really expensive hangovers. Me Madrid and the South Place London are wildly chic destinations with award winning bars, the kind of terraces that host after parties no one can get into and have room upon room of beautiful, puffy furniture to roll around on.

But its not just the lucky bastards waking up in the superkings who get to reboot with the Koibito panacea. They’re not the only ones with meetings to go to. We’ve released The Hangover Kit to retail at this most booze and ham fuelled time of the year. Clear the toblerones from your inbox and take five minutes to hydrate, cleanse and make happy.

The supplements have been thoughtfully selected by Mr and Mrs Disco, everything from the shakes to the tears is covered. We love the combination of energy boosting B vit complex with seratonin’s best friend 5HTP – it works wonders for your flaccid brain (ravers have been using it for years to combat post-party blues). Check out the The Hangover Kit to find out exactly what’s in the box.

We’re thinking of having the Koibito Christmas party at Chateau Marmont this year for a change. Apparently they do a really good deal on carvery and comedy if there’s more than ten of you.