The Koibito Hangover Survival Kit

Only the perfect solution

The Koibito Love Hangover Survival Kit is essential for anyone who suffers after a night out on the town. Each element of the survival kit has been hand selected by Koibito Love for its healing properties and re-hydration characteristics. This box has been through a stringent testing period (that’s a lot of hangovers). Each item targets a different element of your hangover, whilst working in unison to provide a complete solution.

The survival kit contains everything you’ll ever need to tackle the morning after. Rehydrate with electrolyte salts and soothe that banging head with a cooling strip. A lavender essential oil roll-on will balance and bring peace (pop straight onto your pulse points) with anti-vom Nux-Vom tablet, Vit B complex for an energy boost, milk thistle to help your liver get back on track and 5HTP to bring you back to a happy place. You’ll be right as rain in no time…Bloody Mary anyone?

Don’t delay! Plush hotel bars are a hangover waiting to happen. Each hangover survival kit is for single use, the contents are the ideal dosage for one person, and one hangover.

If you’re too late and in the midst of a 3-day hangover, the NHS website has some great tips and information that might help.