“Oh, how reckless of me, I made you all wet””Yes, but my Martini is still dry. My name is James.”

The South Place Hotel

We love hotels, we really do. We’re in them all the time thankfully, slinking down staircases , eating pillow mints and lying on pianos. And there is no hotel we would rather prance around in right now than the South Place Hotel – did you SEE their NYE bash? Most sexy. So there we were, having some artisan cheeses and freezing our tits off on the Angler Terrace a couple of weeks ago when we started thinking about Valentine’s. What better way to celebrate the occasion than in a luxurious suite a million miles away from your posh ‘night in for two’ ready meal package and the cat. Très un-sexy.

We had a chat with Mr and Mrs SP and have come up with the most luxurious Valentine’s weekend, we’re simply dying to tell you all about it but for now, it’s top secret.