Dear Mrs K

My boyfriend and I have always had really good sex, but in the last couple of months it’s started to dwindle. He’s stopped instigating it and he’s very distant with me in social situations where we used to be allies. We’ve been together for eighteen months and I know you probably get this all the time, but I’m worried he doesn’t fancy me anymore.

Karen, 32, Bristol.

Dear Bristol Karen

Are you sure the sex was that good?. There are too many people out there trying to salvage mediocre sex. Mediocre sex burns quickly, with a small flame. Be honest with yourself Karen, this may be your get-out clause.

That said, it might be a classic case of the two year itch. I had 7 two year relationships before I met Mr K. In the end I was instigating the breakdowns in light of the inevitable. I would start tearing strips off the relationship, behaving like a right bitch and measuring his commitment by the baggy elastic on his boxer shorts. What it is Karen, the initial hunger for sex starts to wain a little at this point. It’s natural, but because we’re all convinced that everyone else is having epic sex…We.Freak.Out. And we needn’t, we’ve just got to up our game.

I’m not gonna tell you to bring him coffee in suspenders, it’s too contrived. No, I’m thinking of your mouth Karen, use your mouth to remind him what it’s like to have sex with you in a situation where you can’t have sex. The kiss is underrated . Take him by surprise, kiss slowly with a secret tongue like you’re holding his penis in your mouth. You know what I mean. Take him to the cinema, do it on the tube platform, heck, do it by the shampoos and conditioners in Boots on a saturday afternoon. You need to bring his mind back to the bedroom, in a way that makes him feel like he got there by himself. Great for his ego. And although I said no suspenders, it might be less alluring if you’re dressed-up in fleece and your mum jeans.

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