But we love the thought of it and the tease of Oral Sex just as much! We have to have the before as well as the actual. The thought of their hair brushing against our thighs. I can hardly type actually just thinking of it – but I have to be comfortable. That means – freshly bathed or showered – or at least a bit of warning – OH MY when Mr K hints that we are in for a bit of – you know what later – well that all adds to the thrill. Naughty text messages…OOO!

We need to be relaxed – knowing that nobody might enter the room unexpectedly. And really comfortable…and then hands running slowly over my belly and thighs…and then – like butterfly kisses…tongue darting gently over me. If only I could do it myself…well…know I come to think – that there is a new products that I haven’t tried yet….


Send me an ORA ! ( by Lelo)

If he isn’t going to do it tonight – then she must come to the rescue!