We’ve got this old plastic meter ruler in the office. I’m not sure why, the tape measure works much better but there you go. It really came into its own last week though when discussion turned to spanking. In light of Mrs K’s recent response to a spanking related sexual dilemma, we started thinking about our new Spank Love Kit and why it’s awesome for first timers.

Spank Love Kit

Searching the net and dodging the porn bullets uncovered an array of spanking apparatus, some cool, some not so cool. The pretty unsexy wooden variety conjured images of being beaten with a chopping board mid-bolognese. Some were emblazoned with snappy names like ‘Butt Burner and others, in the shape of cats, boasted the ability to keep naughty pussies under control. This website continues to haunt me.

Then you’ve got the luxury versions, studded with crystals and shot though with silk but honestly, after making the most almighty crack against the MD’s thighs with that ruler we started to think that maybe simplicity was the key. It’s like having all the gear with no idea – what’s the point of having a solid gold light sensitive performance-rating paddle when you can’t bring yourself to ‘assume the position’ (soz again). Whether you’re the spanker or the spankee, its not about what you’re spanking with, its about having the urge to Spank.

There we go, managed to slip in a reference to our newest, luxury Spank Love Kit. As usual, we don’t want to scare anyone, we want couple’s to feel safe, naughty and that nothing is out of their league. The Spank Love Kit features our expertly crafted paddles. Made of leather, the design slick and appealing and there’s not a whiff of creepy references to domesticated animals. The spankee should put on the slinky silk blindfold, then let the spanker douse their behind in deliciously smackable Yes organic oil based lubricant. Et voila – lots of giggling at first as you unearth your inner kinky and then we promise, a very rude romantic night with our most wanted love kit to date.

Spank Love Kit, unearth your inner kinky.