Dear Mrs K

I’ve developed a thing for spanking after watching Secretary. I’ve never done it or had it done to me but I’m trying to decide how to broach the subject with my boyfriend. I’m scared that he’ll think I’m weird, or be intimidated by it.

Poppy, 35, Notts 

Sal, this is great news. Spanking is a hot and harmless way of playing with power roles in the bedroom. I assume you’re the one who wants to get spanked? I’ve never done it to Mr K, the emasculation is a total turn-off.

Now, I don’t know your boyfriend, but I do know men. I’m pretty sure there’s a part of him that’s gonna love to hear you ask for it. But it just depends on how large this part is 😉 and how deeply it’s been buried. You see Sal, if he’s a real nice guy and he’s never done this before, he may need you to lead the way. This is perfect, because you’ll be simultaneously taking and relinquishing control so there’s no hardcore humiliation going on. Unless of course that’s what you want.

Did you watch the movie together? If not, do so, and make sure you’re wearing something with a pussy bow – he’ll quickly see the potential reality in the fantasy. Don’t ask him if he’s ever done it before if you think the answer might upset you: ask him what he thinks of it. I know I make this sound easy  but trust me, if you have a reasonably healthy sex life he’s going to enjoy it. Then I would suggest initiating sex over a table or similar piece of furniture and asking him to spank you mid-performance, when he’s really het-up and liberated by pre-orgasm desire. I love this point, I’ve got away with murder here and sustained some interesting, handstand related injuries. All in the name of research of course. Speaking of research, everyone in the office was inspired by your dilemma so stay tuned for some more spanking related discussion.