Koibito had a little trip to Ibiza last week to catch up with a few old friends and current clients. Our Koibito Love Kits & Hangover Kit are in numerous hotels around the Island, and from recent feedback, visitors to the White Isle are lapping them up. Here is how our diary looked for the week.

Sophie from The Ibiza Chair Company has recommended Koibito kits to her clients and we saw her wicked new photo booths getting set up.

Me Hotels

Popped into the smart modern and super luxurious Me Hotel Ibiza in S’argamassa on the East side of the island. They have been selling our love kits (kit sensual) and hangover kits (anti rescrada ) kits since they opened last year and sales are going well. The hotel is beautiful and a great place for a cocktail by the pool.

Had a lovely lunch with Johanna from Deliciously Sorted. They love the new packaging and only problem now is which will their A list clients choose now?

Deliciously Sorted

Naveen from Cardomom Events has some posh party weddings in July and August and think the kits are perfect for their guests. They specialize in amazing themed weddings with amazing food in gorgeous locations.

Simon from Agroturismo Morna was busy getting the gardens and marquee tents set up fro his Dutch retreat. He was very pleased with all his UK press he’s got that week. Evening Standard & CondéNast Traveler are all raving about his new place.

Urban Spaces

Last but by no mean least, Urban Spaces Ibiza are getting ready for 2015. All re-painted and ready to sort their party guests out with our hangover kits too. We will be helping sore heads and other parts all over the island!