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Anita Nemycova Cuffs

Anita Nemkyova – Wrist Kandy

Handcuffs have a pretty uncool reputation in most circles. Their lack of appeal lies somewhere between being too funny and too severe. There is an air of the male stripper about them, lines like “I’m here to take you downtown Mrs K” spring to mind, whilst the ‘cop’ threatens a whipped-cream-and-hairy-thigh related punishment. Read More

The Secret Hangover Cure

There may be ten a penny hangover remedies out there right now, but none of them are telling you to have sex. I shan’t beat about the bush. No sir. Especially not with such a well timed play on words. As long as the house grog hasn’t rendered you bathroom bound, there is a pièce de résistance to our much loved Hangover Kit that’s inspired us to create the couples version. We can’t physically put this in the kit, that would probably be illegal, but we can certainly facilitate it. Read More