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Do Not Disturb: Sexy Hotel Amenity Kits

Evening Standard

How Fifty Shades Darker is making Londoners get kinky this Valentine’s Day


10 sex themed hotels in Britain and abroad for a dirty weekend or more

Forbes Travel Guide

Forbes Travel Guide

27th June 2014

Laura Janelle Downey

We also liked its playful offerings, such as the Koibito Debox, a hangover kit that comes with cooling head strips, lavender essential oil, vitamin B complex, milk thistle, a rehydration sachet and more, and the Koibito Love Box, which includes an origami love game and other items that help to spice up a romantic time.

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The Guardian

The Guardian

20th October 2014

Hazel David

Thea Wright founded Koibito Love, which sells bespoke kits for hotels, in 2009. Wright, who also founded a high-end sex shop in Ibiza, started the company after living in Japan and becoming entranced by the idea of kitsch “love hotels.”
She finds that sometimes hotels won’t let her get past the initial introduction: “Especially if I get the ‘wrong’ person. They block it and say it’s not right for their guests and that is that. But I always leave it and try another person at a later date. I never give up.”
Being controversial can have its downsides when trying to collaborate with the mainstream too. Wright has been asked at travel trade shows to hide any sex toys: “I think people think children will ask tricky questions,” she says.

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