Do you ever get that pang of fear that you’ve performed the same foreplay routine like, the last fifty times you had sex? You probably have, you’re just not paying attention. It’s not because you’re boring, it’s because you probably like what you’re doing. But there are tiny tweaks you can make to bring back the somersault feeling – something is new here and you could be anybody, just anybody right now.

Like I said this article does not presume you need to spice up your sex life. It presumes that you like to have fun. As I write this I have a Koibito Rose & Geranium Massage Candle burning. It smells like petals on breasts. It really does. The top half inch of the candle is now liquid essential oil and if I was alone in here, I would be pouring it onto my limbs for the most luxurious at-desk pampering this side of the office manicure. The idea though, is to drip the oil onto the expectant skin of your partner as they lay in the glow of the flame. It is perfectly gasp-warm and works to relax the muscles, encouraging inappropriate touching of the erogenous zones.

The Koibito Massage Candle is made in England with essential oils so it’s going to moisturise your skin beautifully, whilst assuaging your guilt about all those apples from Fiji you keep buying.